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Individualized Dog Training

We work with you and your dog in your home to develop a customized training plan.  Does your dog greet guests with a little too much enthusiasm?  Does your dog pull you on walks?  We focus on your individual dog's behavior challenges so you can enjoy time with your dog.  

Maximize Your Training Time

You're busy, so we provide one hour and two hour sessions focused entirely on your dog's behavior.  We offer a one hour "Power Hour" training session that you can squeeze into your schedule after school or before practice.  Our two-hour training session incorporates ways your children can join in on the training fun!  Even teenagers find our training tips fun and engaging!

Trusted and Experienced

Teach your new puppy and your old dog new tricks with tips developed from 18 years of dog training experience.  Contact us for expert help in integrating your new dog, teaching your puppy better potty habits, and increasing family-fun time with your dog!  Does your dog have what it takes to be a therapy dog or service dog?  We will evaluate your dog for these important jobs and work together to teach him how to provide assistance in the job most appropriate for your dog.  

Dog Training Packages

Price is per training session. Cash, check, credit card, and PayPal accepted.

Client Testimonials

Rhodesian ridgeback with aggression issues

If  you need help with your pup, put these folks on your speed dial.  Excellent service with marvelous results.  Michelle Dunlap helped me with our 125-pound Rhodesian ridgeback and that was no small feat!  - Christine Zamora 

Adopted dog to work as a service dog

Need personalized dog training in Gainesville?  Look no further for  rescues, champions, and service dogs!  Michelle has your family covered.  She found and helped my dog, Brahma.  - S. Young, Army Veteran 

Rescued dog now working service dog

Michelle evaluated and picked my dog, Wendy, from a group of rescued dogs.  We meet regularly for service dog training through Pets and Patriots Foundation.  Wendy is the best dog I've ever had.  She helps me every day and I can't imagine life without her.  - F. Wilcox, Army Veteran 

Veterinarian and clinic owner

Michelle was a great help when we needed to get tips on how to introduce dogs to each other.  At West End Animal Hospital, we frequently help people let their current dogs meet potential new adoptees, as well as help them learn to meet new dogs at dog park and events.  Michelle gave us excellent advice on how to help our clients.  We learned that a lot of what we thought we knew was wrong, and the right way makes things a lot easier.  - Dr. Cottrell

Adopted a puppy for the family

I highly recommend Michelle!  She works so good with my dogs, they just love her!  She has such great methods that work so well with my dogs.  I go to her anytime I need additional help, even if it's more for my help than my dogs!  - Alison Kinney

Vet tech, pet sitter, owner of champion show dogs

Michelle Dunlap is experienced, patient, and a great dog trainer!  - Susie Keel

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